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Thursday, December 1, 2011

What Mediation Is?

Mediation is:

1. A way for you to resolve disputes with the assistance of a mediator.
2. Voluntary... you must be willing to participate in resolving your differences and working towards a mutual outcome.
3. A process where you develop a mutually agreeable plan...
4. Private, flexible and informal.
5. A setting where you can comfortable negotiate a separation agreement providing for financial and property matters and a parenting plan for your children.
6. An opportunity to speak directly to the other person about issues in a neutral and safe environment.
7. Typically less expensive and simpler than court process.
8. A process where you can also resolve disputed civil matters.

Mediation is not:
1. Someone else telling you what you should or should not do... A mediator acts as a neutral third party.
2. A legal process, although the results can be used to help formalize a legal agreement regarding your mutual decisions.
3. As expensive as litigation. The goal is for the people involved to come to their own agreement.

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