Leland Clipperton

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Creative Intelligence - an oxymoron

So you and I have just found out (like we didn’t know it before) that there is a creative intelligence that exists in all of us… even if you didn’t believe it before… it has to be true! What one has… we all have… like it or not (even though our egos would have us think otherwise!).

The difficulty that I have discovered (again… like I didn’t know before!) is that I can lack the discipline to act on this creative intelligence. How do we bring about the appropriate application that will stop us from joining the masses of humanity that sit on their proverbial thumbs watching the world go by, making justifiable excuses to not do something, not accomplish something, not try something….

“I’m tired, I’ll do it later”, or “I don’t know enough” (kinda like I’m not smart enough), or “it’s too hard”, or “it won’t work anyway” or “I don’t deserve it” (usually more quietly admitted)!

I can stop myself before even starting if I’m not careful to not stop at the stop sign. My impulse (default thinking) is to enjoy and listen to the justification, not to listen to the potential benefits of a particular application.

Some of you may remember the question that changed how I work with clients… If I don’t have what I think I want in my life… why not? What is the obstacle that I/we present that disables and justifies not moving forward? Answer that riddle and fly forward… go beyond limitation!

So, on a more concrete note about application… I’ve discovered that there is likely a direct connection with how much I write with how much I’m reading. Eureka! Another revelation. Read more = write more… Write more = read more… hhhmmmmmmm. The “secret” is mindful discipline to set a schedule, to not watch tv, to be mindful of all the excuses that I can entertain myself with to not do something…. Instead of to do something!

Until later

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!

My “resolutions”:

I resolve to:

1. Be light on my feet

2. To act with stealth & grace

3. To be purposeful

4. To be positive

5. To look for the good in others and myself

6. To be cautious, not fearful

7. To be committed to my desire

8. To do something daily to move my life forward

9. To write it down… with a timeline… and specific application

10. To be healthy

11. To be active, not reactive

12. To be creative

13. To trust and use my intuition

14. To plan fun

15. To have fun

16. To play

17. To read

18. To call more

19. To be kind

20. To be adventurous

21. To work purposefully

22. To get things done in a timely manner

23. To always be “in love”

24. To practice my practice… walk the talk

What are yours?