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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

NewYear's Resolutions? How to be Successful!

New Year Resolutions? No Excuses!
Most of us have made,,, and failed at our New Years Resolutions...
In fact, most don't even bother any more... tired of feeling disappointed and upset at our own personal failures.

There is a reason for everything! We need to better explore and understand why this occurs year after year... why we tend to make the same old mistakes and follow a similar path to a seemingly forgone conclusion.

There is only one truth which is irrefutable: when what you're thinking or doing isn't creating the result you want... you need to change something! Repeating the same behaviour and expecting different results is Einstein's definition of insanity!
Be successful this year!!!!!!
 To start with:

1. Ask yourself why you think you want what you want? Write it down... all of it.

2. Ask yourself what you will be like when you achieve your resolution?

3. Then... the tough one... ask yourself what has interfered with you achieving your goals previously?

4. Recognise that additional support is required and beneficial in your reaching your goals.

5. There are certain prescribed ways of working on your success and by joining my program you will have a fuller understanding of the process of change and increase your ability to get what you want!
Here's a few steps to start with:

Be realistic
Choose specific attainable goals. Select one small thing at a time.

Planning helps
Specific timeline plans are necessary. How long will it realistically require for you to accomplish each step.

Develop a support network
Friends, family and colleagues can all help you - but hiring professional support will provide you with additional support. We are always more committed to something when we are paying for it!

Success is tangible and measurable
Stay motivated by seeing your success. Small changes make a big difference.

Reward yourself
We alter our brain function when feeling joyful... This can be encouraged by doing something immediately after your small successes that help you feel joyful.

Don't give up... ever
There is no failure in your success... only if you give up! Expect challenges and the occasional small setback... plan on what to do if and when that occurs.
If you slip and break your diet, forget to exercise or have a secret cigarette, don’t despair! Learn from the setback: what situations made you slip? Can you avoid them next time? Don't obsess over small setbacks - it won't help you achieve your goal. Start fresh the next day. Don't give up!

It Takes Time
Real change in behaviour takes time to develop... Keep at it.
We need to practice until we don't need to practice anymore.

Call, text or email today to join our RESOLUTION program.
Make it work this year!
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