Leland Clipperton

Friday, October 7, 2011

Make a difference

Most clients I work with want to be able to make a difference in the world...

Many seem to strive for goals that are financially or ego defined successes... lots of money, satisfying relationship, good job, nice house, new cars...

and yet, those who have achieved those goals, they either seem to want more or something different... they keep searching as they are not yet satisfied... so, the natural impulse is to choose a different goal... as if it was the choice of goals they originally picked that were wrong!

What's wrong with this picture? Why doesn't this work? ... Could it be that the process is wrong?

Our need to search for ego satisfaction often comes from an underlying sense of emptiness or dis-connection with ourselves... and others... often experienced as a sense of lonliness.

Today... try a different process... practice altruism... do something for someone else without expection from them... make a difference in someone else's life ...

for as you lift others, you shall be carried.

Until later
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