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Friday, March 4, 2011

Spiritual Healing... an oxymoron?

I have been graciously invited to speak at the All Saints Church in Collingwood March 16 on the topic (of all things!) of An introduction to Spiritual Healing.

My fear is that if any of the participants read this beforehand, they may not attend, however, my guarantee to them is that they will all feel/be healed by the end of the experience!

This topic is probably a book on it's own and I'm sure I could/will receive many arguments and contrary opinions. I hope that you consider the following...

People are searching these days, perhaps more than they ever have for a solution to their distress... relationships are difficult, finances are challenging, feeling depressed, disconnected and alone.

What's the answer?????? The self-help industry is bulging with various explanations, providing what appear to be viable, plausible answers. We can find 1,000 different ways and an equal number of steps we need to take to get what we're looking for... but what is it we are all seeking so compellingly? The expression "spiritual healing" or spiritual growth" or "spiritual connection" may come to mind. We align our sense of emptiness or longing with a spiritual need to be fulfilled.

In some respects those feeling and thoughts are accurate. It is our interpretation of that feeling and the related associative thoughts that may lead us astray.

The accuracy lies in the understanding that these thoughts and feelings are indicators of an underlying belief that we are faulty, we should know better, we are therefore incompetent, inadequate and unworthy... maybe God can heal us... maybe God can accept us? The other questions are:

1. if we are thinking this way about ourselves, are we really going to believe that God (or someone else) could love/accept us anyway? Very unlikely. We will/do interpret what we hear (either in our own heads or externally) through that filter of disbelief... and in doing so strengthen our hidden belief that what we are quietly thinking must be true.

2. we are often not really clear about what it is we want healed... or how that might happen... are we all awaiting another coming of Christ... some magic answer to occur...

Remember the story about the guy on the roof of his house during a huge flood (up to the rafters!)??? (Forgive the rough interpretation)
He said that God told him he would be saved, He would come and get him. The guy lets the people in the small boat go by wanting to pick him, explaining that God was going to come to get him... they eventually went off to save others... he (a little more reluctantly) allowed the coast guard to also come and go in their boat... and then again the helicopter rescue... believing that God was going to come and get him... well guess what? He eventually drowned (yeh, I know that parts sad). On his way to see God, he was a little ticked off, to say the least... He exclaimed his anger and disappointment with God and God says... what do ya mean? I SENT YOU THE ROWBOAT, THE COAST GUARD AND THE HELICOPTER!  I digress...

Back to spiritual healing... What is it about our spirits that we feel need to be healed? What do we consider to be our spirit in the first place? What have you heard? Where does your belief come from?
Is it religious? Which one? Have you ever questioned the information? How could you question the (contrary) information?

Congratulations! You've arrived at the first step. Realizing how closed we can be to new information that may challenge our very existence. Consider this as a possibility. I do not ask or suggest that you believe it... just don't immediately discard it. Be open to receiving.

Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exits...
therein lies the peace of God.

The truth of our "spirit" and it's required healing (so we think) lies in our perception. We were all taught when we were in Sunday school that God is.... love... therefore... love is God.
In my opinion all the information we got after that simply confused me... that's all I needed and all I still need.

I also believe that the opposite of love is fear and fear creates judgment to support the fear. Love is our spirit. It is simple, not complicated and has nothing to do with fear or judgment.

Then where does this fear and judgment come from???? Very good question... Ego.

Our ego's job is to individuate, to gather information respecting differences between us... between our appearances, our sex, our lifestyle, our money, our clothing, our behaviour, etc.

The truth is, the more we suspend our judgment, the less fearful we are, the more "out of ego" (easing God out)we are and the more "in God" we are. and the bonus is... we typically we feel more connected.

All these challenges, difficulties and fears are developed out our ego minds, not our spirit...

There is, nor can there be, anything "wrong" or "unhealed" about our spirit. Our "spirit" is our love, our God, our connection. Believe in it, support it, promote it, not the ego mind. It is then, our "ego" mind that requires healing... which is a whole other chapter!

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