Leland Clipperton

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mind's eye

We all tend to have recurring thoughts that may seem to distract us from what we "should" be thinking about... in some ways we're all a little ADD...

What do you tend to be drawn to in your thoughts? What seems to be your focus, in spite you telling yourself not to think about ______ ?

Or, alternatively, what do you try to not think about? Remember one of the "rules of our brain" (found elsewhere in my blog)... what we try to not think about is what we think about!

Instead of struggling with this process, consider it as something natural... even helpful! After all, there must be some reason why our minds get taken to certain places.

Consider that our thoughts are not always meant to be taken literally... but rather figuratively. Our thoughts are indicators of our inner beliefs... our subconscious and perhaps the very obstacles that disable us from actually having/obtaining what we want?

Why don't we have what we say we want and why do we have what we say we don't want?

This is a difficult, challenging (if not impossible) process to conduct in our own little minds. Most find it easier/neccessary to get help when we are willing to explore this further.  It is difficult to amend a problem that we created in the first place.

Until later

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