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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ninety year old Wisdom!

My wonderful Mom is a bright, articulate and kind ninety year old woman with a mass of wisdom. My wife asked her for some advice on her birthday and this email is her response:
I hate the words "growing old" meaning wearing out or becoming used up or losing mental abilities or any or all of those vague phrases that are used. And the idea of judging people by their appearance is just plain silly. In the first place, who are we to say that this or that type of facial feature or body contour is ideal -these statements are usually made by a fashion specialist who doesn't really give a darn about anyone else anyway.

However, having said that, I can admit that as I grew up there were times when the contours of my skin and the placement and shape of my limbs were a concern . But, apart from careful cleansing and the intake of nourishing food elements, what else can anyone do? And now that I am safely past all the development stage it seems to have been foolish to have used up so much time living up to someone else's opinion of how I should look.

We were given the blessing of a piece of equipment - our body - which had a limited amount of time to use depending, to a certain extent, on how we treated it; therefore, we should do our duty by it and enjoy the time it lasted. This age you are in is only the beginning of what could be the best years of your life - it certainly was for me - enjoy!

Have a wonderful "growing old" - there's much time left.

Love, "Ninety"

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